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To address the challenges facing low-income families and communities, iCATIS helped to establish CATIS-Mexico, the first of what we hope to be numerous Centers for Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability  (CATIS) around the globe.


CATIS-Mexico is centered on 23 acres of land just outside of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guajuato, Mexico.  It is a functioning example of a sustainable living and research and design center in the areas of energy, water, sanitation, agriculture and construction from local materials in the region.  CATIS-Mexico offers sustainable development workshop trainings in all of these fields to both local and global students. 

CATIS-Mexico is centered around a research and design institute (the Instituto).  However, unlike many similar models, CATIS-Mexico continues to look outward – expanding knowledge, research and development on local, regional and even international scales.

CATIS-Mexico Spheres of Impact.

CATIS-Mexico is not content unless addressing local community needs, making a wider regional impact and establishing national and international sustainable development practices.


Building on a foundation of local regional knowledge, CATIS-Mexico partners with CEDESA and its over 50 years of unique dedication to the region.  CATIS-Mexico will provide technical research and development to improve the sustainable practices initiated by CEDESA to address economic and ecological sustainability on a per person as well as regional level. 

ISF-Mexico is building a federation of independent chapters to provide a network of connected universities to achieve greater regional impact in sustainable policy and research.  These satellites will provide their own training and educational programs at the Instituto at CATIS-Mexico.

Government Collaboration:

CATIS-Mexico is not only an educational center but also a research and design laboratory addressing social and environmental issues.  CATIS-Mexico’s site marks the use of a sustainable brick kiln, known as the iCATIS MK Kiln and is working with the local, state and federal ecology departments to promote this kiln for the benefit of the brick-making population and the improvement of air quality for everyone.