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iCATIS provides simple answers to complex questions that address economics, shelter, sanitation, energy, water and food, i.e. "life", for the economically limited peoples of the earth.  One technology does not answer the complex need for life that a fully integrated approach provides.  Therefore, iCATIS’ integrated approach identifies the local resources, environmental hazards, and develops these to provide life through distributed economic and environmental development strategies (DEEDS).   These strategies are built upon a “platform” technology that provides the basis for enterprise.

Integrated into the platform approach are world-class expertise in engineering, architecture and planning, construction, agriculture, and business development. For more information on working with iCATIS, contact: info@icatis.org     

  • Master plan development
  • Sustainable center design and installation
  • Sustainable water and wastewater installation
  • Renewable energy design and installation
  • Green building design and installation
  • Agricultural consulting
  • Technology trainings and business creation
    • MK Kiln
    • Ceramic water filters
    • Thin shell concrete
    • Compressed earth blocks