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Mission and Focus

iCATIS is a U.S. 501c(3) non-profit registered in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. We provide technology, education and consulting for communities in need throughout the world.

Assist communities in need to improve living conditions and reach their goals of sustainability and economic self-sufficiency, while preserving cultural norms and the environment.

Empowering and training economically limited communities to meet their basic needs of clean air, shelter, water, food, energy, and waste management. We develop sustainable appropriate technologies and train communities to build these technologies. iCATIS assists in knowledge transfer and local business creation to produce and expand use of these low cost, locally produced technologies.

Developing Solutions That Are As Unique As The Communities We Work With
iCATIS identifies local community needs, resources, and develops unique solutions so communities can reduce environmental impacts, meet their basic needs, and improve their local economy.
Our goal is to empower economically limited and indigenous communities to become self-sustaining.

iCATIS focuses on three major areas to transfer this knowledge:
Technology – We develop technologies to solve unique local community needs.
Education – We provide educational training workshops to train communities in need.
Consulting – We consult with communities and businesses to expand use of sustainable appropriate technologies.

What does this mean and what makes iCATIS unique?
• Our work focuses on assisting economically limited and indigenous communities to solve basic life problems with low cost, locally made technologies.
• We teach people how to operate, maintain, and in many cases, build the technology themselves and even start independently owned, financially self-sustaining businesses.
• We use low cost tooling and materials available anywhere in the world to construct our technologies.
• We aim for our technologies to be lower cost and more affordable, more durable, and create less environmental impact than other available technologies.
• We help to preserve the culture, religious beliefs, and traditions of the people we work with and sometimes, when the need is there, we help to modernize historic approaches so that the solution is more durable, safer, and can meet their needs.
• We develops centers – Center for Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability – CATISs throughout the world, which serve as regional training and demonstration centers for appropriate technologies. The local community is trained to build appropriate technologies at CATIS workshops. The trained community can then spread this knowledge regionally (See CATIS-Mexico for more information).

Summary: Our uniqueness is our team’s elegance of engineering and manufacturing approaches to produce low cost, highly durable products that can be produced anywhere in the world using low cost tooling and local materials. All of this enabled by having a ‘train the trainers’ model where this technology is transferred to economically limited communities so that they can launch independent businesses to better meet their basic needs.